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The objectives of Safe Squad is to uphold and encourage the following principles:

Ensuring safety in the community at large and the importance of giving back by helping those who are in a vulnerable situations and desperately need the issue of safety to be addressed and a solution to be developed. Safe Squad is our Solution. Safe Squad is founded on principles of safety. As safety is a fundamental right and there should not be a cost associated with it. We as a company have made it our mission provide a free service with the help of sponsors.

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Safe Squad is user-friendly, visually appealing, and most importantly, discrete. The following features have made Safe Squad an app which can easily be incorporated into one’s daily life
Discrete Calendar interface

Serves as a necessary camouflage by not being noticeable to potential perpetrators. The user can input their event details including: event name, time frame, and location

Color Safe Code

The purpose of the safe code is to validate the user's safety, with a personalized code that is not easily able to be reproduced or guessed.

Automatic SOS messaging System

In the event of an emergency the automatic SOS feature will be triggered and will send a message directly to your chosen emergency contacts.

Session expiry feature

The app will display the alarm screen with the option to snooze or close automatically if it exceeds the provide event time frame.

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“Safety is no laughing matter; things can change in a matter of seconds. Safe Squad offers security and empowerment by knowing that they’ve got my back.”-Survivor of rape and sexual assault

“This isn’t just visually appealing. This is Industry-changing”

“A much-needed solution.”- Role Model Magazine

“This isn’t just an app; it’s ease of mind.”-Cat Calls of NYC

“Because safety is priceless.”-Gen Z podcast with Callen McD

“Innovative”- The Defiant movement

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Listed below are just three of the major companies which have Endorsed us. We are humbled to have their support. And we are truly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate. For more info about these collaborations stay tuned and check out our blog.


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