Kendra Scott Event

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On Sunday, July 6th, Safe Squad held a Kendra Scott partnered event where 20% of the proceeds from 2 PM – 4 PM goes towards Girls Up! Girls Up is an organization dedicated to not only giving the platform and resources to young women, but empowering them to start a movement for social change wherever they are. We had a great outcome with numerous people coming in with many questions and curiosity for Safe Squad. We displayed our website, passed out our brochures, and offered delicious plates of fruits and beautifully made donuts by Tart and Tin. Safe Squad gives a special thank you to Kendra Scott for partnering up with us and making this incredible happen, as well as, to everybody who came out and supported Safe Squad! 

Safe Squad has more events this upcoming year, we can’t wait to share to you all! Reminder that our launch is releasing July 26, so stay tuned for updates and teasers!!